Trading And Customisation
Trading and customisation of products used in different industry.

Manufacture And Supply
We manufacture and supply high quality products at low cost without compromising our quality in the products.

Professional Service And Competitive Prices
We strive to provide professional service and offer at competitive prices with quality assured

At Y&T Enterprise,
we specialise in the trade and customisation of super-hydrophobic nanotechnology coating solutions.

Our advanced technologies benefit, amongst others, the automotive, vehicle services, manufacturing, architecture, construction and interior design industries.

Based in Singapore and Malaysia, and with a region-wide network of subsidiaries and offices, we possess the complete suite of competencies necessary to support the interests of our valued clients and business partners. All with complete honesty and integrity.

Automotive Spare Parts

We understand the need of the automotive world for safe and quality spare parts in which our spare parts meets both aspect to our clients.

Bike Accessories

Customisation of seat covers are available, designed to give your motorcycle seating system an enhanced comfort feature through its anti-heat, anti-shock and contour properties

Chemical Products

Chemicals products are available according to your needs and requirements. All chemicals have gone thru lab test and is proven safe to use.

Nano Coatings

Nano Coatings are being widely used to maintain aesthetic appeal. Nanotechnology shields the material from environmental damage.

Construction Products

Various construction products which had been designed and manufactured to maintain its strength but at the same time, cut cost!

Exquisite Artworks

Premium artworks created and painted by reowned artist are available. We can also customise any artworks which you are interested!

Vehicle Grooming Products

We manufacture and supply various vehicle grooming products to meet the demands and high standards with consumers' satisfaction gauranteed.