Chafing Wax

Manufacturer of chafing dish fuel in wide variety types, including wick fuel, ethanol gel fuel and our best selling is Wax fuel which are regionally exported.

Now, we can produce refillable solid chafing wax that are moulded exactly to the size of the industry canister size and are weight at least 200 gms per piece to cater for the most highly usage from hotels and food caterers where a minimum of 2 hours burning time is meet and is proven cost economic as compared with canister.

We have also came out specially for the hawkers and restaurants which the wax are moulded into 10-12 gms pieces that require 3-5mins burning time. The 200 gms pack are now sealed and packed into laminated zip lock aluminium foil pack mainly to our hawker stall and restaurant’s business owners.


Email us with any questions or inquires which we will strive to respond within 2 working days. We would be happy to answer your questions and set up a meeting with you.

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